Financial security throughout retirement won’t just happen by chance or hard work. It takes commitment and planning to be implemented properly, as well as a little bit of money, of course.

What Are the Disappointing Facts?

The facts are that less than 50% of Americans have even tabulated the amount that they are going to need to save up for retirement. The need to save is going to be consistent no matter what, but the amount you put towards retirement regularly is going to be dependent on your savings plan.

Almost 1/3 of workers in private industry who have access to a retirement contribution plan, such as a 401K plan, do not even participate in it. The average American will spend about two decades in retirement, so the need to save has to begin early. Saving really does matter.

What Can You Do To Avert A Retirement Disaster?

You need to begin saving, continue to save, and keep up with the goals you have on a consistent basis. If you’re saving already, whether for retirement or something else, then keep on going. Saving is extremely rewarding, both monetarily and personally. You just need to start small and then try to increase the amount of money you save every month. The earlier you start saving, the better off you will be, because your money will have more time to mature.

Understand What Your Retirement Needs Are

The Cost of Living during retirement is extremely expensive. Experts think that you’ll need close to 70% of what you earned pre-retirement, and lower earners are going to need 90% or more. You need to start saving now. Contact Investment Management Solutions Inc. for a financial plan that will make your golden years more enjoyable and stress-free!