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We aim to help you build and secure your financial future by having you keep most of your hard earn income while letting that money work hard for you.

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When life happens, facing your tax and finances can have many obstacles. Regardless what your goals may be or your current circumstance, our team of financial professionals will help you achieve them.

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We value your time. By taking the IMS advantage it will only take 30 minutes of your time.

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Take advantage of our exclusive, free, one-on-one, tax and financial review. Here are a few methods you'll learn:

How to refund up to 90% of your income withholdings legally

How to get an extra $3,000 to $15,000 courtesy of the US government

Discover methods how to protect your 401K/IRA from losing money

How to eliminate ALL debt, mortgage and student loans included, in less than 9 years

How to accumulate wealth on any income

How to create a tax-free IRA you can withdraw before age 59½

Create secure investments, income planning, and cash flow programs

How a tax-free retirement income can give you a paycheck for life

How to grow your wealth safely and predictably whether the markets go up, down or sideways

How to bypass banks, finance and credit card companies altogether and become your own source of financing

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Solutions Working Hard For You

Income Tax Preparation

Paying for taxes with your hard-earned income should not be taken lightly.

Tax-Free Retirement

We’ll show you how saving small can grow big over time when done right!

Life & Non-Life Insurance

Many products today are designed to help with modern uses.

Debt-Freedom Program

It will change your life and get you in motion for a debt-free world.


How much is your service? Why is IMS Advantage free? Why do we give you $100 gift card?
Depending on your currents needs prices may vary. We offer hourly or fixed price based on the products and services you purchase just like all other competitors. The difference is our IMS Advantage is totally FREE with no obligation. In many cases, we give you a $100 gift card for simply meeting us for an appointment (call for details to qualify).

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